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Join the Union

Why Join the Union

Over 600 of your colleagues have chosen to belong to the Academics Union--the second largest union at UCT.

Joining the AU means that you will have an effective voice in negotiating solutions to the problems related to the academic working environment.

Collective membership will strengthen the voice of academics at UCT when negotiating with Management.

Why the UCT academics formed the Union

In order to protect and enhance their working conditions, the academics at UCT decided to unionise a few years ago. The Union represents those individual members who find themselves in difficult working situations and defends the interests of its members as a whole in formal relations with management. It sees its function as one which contributes to the well-being of its members but which also contributes to the general good of the University.

An important annual role for the Union is to negotiate the annual salary increase, which we do in close contact with our members: consulting on their expectations; informing them of progress; and presenting the offer for their approval.

Over the last few years the Union has been very successful in negotiating a framework for academic pay, tied to the pay at 10 comparator institutions across the country. In the last few years, pay for all academic staff has risen ahead of inflation.

While we are proud of the salary increases and non-salary agreements we negotiated last year, we hope to do better in the new round of negotiations. These will start in earnest in June. Our bargaining agenda is set by the  members of the union, and we will be contacting our members in the coming months to establish our bargaining priorities. We hope that you will choose to become a member of UCTAU and participate in that process

The Union’s right to negotiate on behalf of ALL academics on permanent conditions of service with the University is tied to its recognition by the University as a bargaining unit.

How to join AU

·         Download the membership form.

·         Fill out the form and sign it.

·         Scan and email it to