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If you are experiencing problems or dissatisfaction about your work, whether it is about management, your working conditions, working relationships with colleagues and would like to lay a grievance and need assistance, please contact the AU Administrator who will forward your complaint to the Grievance Committee. One of the members on the Committee (usually of a different faculty) will shepherd you through the process

Our full process goes through three "Stages" at the university level before moving to the CCMA

o   Stage 1 of grievance, example if you have an issue with a colleague, etc, you should approach your HoD.

o   If the issue has not been resolved here, Stage 2 is to approach the Dean

o    Stage 3 is to approach the DVC

o   You should exhaust all internal processes, as the CCMA will not accept a case if the above stages have not been dealt with.


Follow this link for the University of Cape Town Grievance Policy.

Please find the formal Grievance form here