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Dear Colleagues


Over the past 2 months, the Academics Union Executive has been involved in discussions with staff bodies at other universities to share experiences, create a national staff network and jointly contribute to resolving the crisis in higher education.


The South African University Staff Network for Transformation (SAUSNeT) was created as a consequence of these discussions, and currently exists as a loose network of concerned staff bodies and other stakeholders from among university staff, with links into almost every university in the country.


In general, SAUSNeT is an attempt to organise university staff, both academic and PASS, to fill a crucial gap of a strong and creative staff voice in ongoing discussions on higher education.  Students are not part of SAUSNeT, but SAUSNeT is open to discussions with students and other constituencies.  In particular, SAUSNeT is collaborating with the National Education Crisis Forum, which is investigating a civil society-led solution, led by former Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Dikgang Moseneke, and supported administratively and financially by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Business Unity SA, etc.