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Treat the cause, not the symptom of student protests by Tom P. Abales
Chicken pox marks only appear on the skin several days after people have been infected with the virus. When we consider the brief rise of the ‘Luddites’ in the second decade of the 19th century the same is true: the machinery they attacked was fully...
Student protesters must move beyond hashtags to real change -John Higgins
Protest movements are manifestos of a sort. Like manifestos, both political and aesthetic, they usually aim to create the support they need by seeking to identify a wrong, then proposing a way of righting it.
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UCT ranks 148 in Times Higher Education World University Rankings
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Monday, 25 September 2017
Transformation Oversight Committee expanded to 10 members

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande has increased from seven to 10 the number of members of the Ministerial Oversight Committee on the Transformation in the South African Public Universities.

Article by Ernest Mabuza, 10 July 2017, Sunday Times

Publication Date:
Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 10:30
How the Richest U.S. Colleges Get Richer Through Huge Tax Subsidies

During his successful quest to win Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, Donald Trump told the state’s voters that colleges are fleecing taxpayers and enriching Wall Street.

“What a lot of people don't know is that universities get massive tax breaks for their massive endowments,” he told a crowd in suburban Philadelphia. “These huge multibillion-dollar endowments are tax-free, but too many of these universities don't use the money to help with tuition and student debt. Instead, these universities use the money to pay their administrators, or put donors' names on buildings, or just store the money away. In fact, many universities spend more on private equity fund managers than tuition programs.”

Article by David Sirota and Josh Keefe on 10 May 2017, Newsweek

Publication Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 2017 - 10:00
Building bridges between the online and offline worlds

To many of us in academia, social media is nothing more than a nuisance. Something we try to ignore, at best tolerate and secretly hate with a passion.

And who can blame us? With their smartphones and their hashtags our students are ‘liberating’ our campuses for causes of their own making. Like #FeesMustFall, #EndOutsourcing and #EndRapeCulture. Starting virtual firestorms raging through the hallowed halls of our universities. Consuming our most precious resources – time and peace of mind.

I’m being ironic, of course. Let me make that clear before somebody quotes me out of context. Probably too late already. Never mind – #TruthWillTrumpAll … yeah, right!

Article by Professor Wim de Villiers, in University World News 26 May 2017 Issue No:461

Publication Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 08:30
How should universities confront a post-truth world?

In a world characterised by increasing turbulence and conflict, and of inequities and dissatisfaction, academic freedom has come under siege. In some parts of the world, academic freedom is under brutal attack. In other parts of the world, academic freedom is under mounting pressure. Even in the Nordic countries, many scholars report that their academic freedom is diminishing.

By Ole Petter Ottersen 09 December 2016 Issue No:440, University World News
Publication Date:
Friday, May 12, 2017 - 11:00